“I don't paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality.” 
― Frieda Khalo

Approaching 30, even though I am a blossoming artist, painting and selling my artworks in my spare time - there was a time when I had no clue how to make ends meet, and was utterly, totally broken. In my 20s I was earning below the London living wage as a junior designer. I worked 9-5:30, Monday to Friday, but I was unable to afford to look after myself, even in a flat share. I found myself renting a room in an abandoned metropolitan police station in Camden. I moved in during a very cold January - the first night, without any heating, I could see my breath as lay on a donated sofa bed. I was constantly being sick into a bowl from the stress on the situation I was in.

I looked around me - the door read ‘Detective Inspector’, the room had paint peeling off the ceiling, mould crawling across wall. The floors were covered in bird poo. The bathroom was a walk down a flight of stairs and across a dimly lit car park. And I decided in that moment I was going to make this room a paradise. A safe haven. I started by painting positive quotes on the wall of that room, progressing to painting images of fantastical goddesses on to scraps of wood I found and recycled. 

From that moment it has been my life mission to creative beautiful paintings to help people transform their environments. As I release this new body of work I encourage you to have faith, have hope, and continue to strive to make the most out of the little space you call home. 

Artist statement

Within L'Warren's canvasses she looks to the turbulence and beauty of mother nature for inspiration. Through this overarching omnipotent force, our love, our pain and our experiences are shared. Her work plunges the viewer into blissful space, where for a moment, nothing but the beauty and power of nature need be seen. 

Her work is intended to soothe the busy mind and instil a sense of peace and harmony within the viewer. 

The colours and structure of her paintings is informed by ambient music, such as Brian Eno and Jon Hopkins, and aims to take the viewer to the same ephemeral, euphoric spaces as these electronic pioneers.  



Work is stocked at: 

Art and Chocolate
190 Gloucester Rd, 
Bristol BS7 8NU

On Friendship and Chairs
King Henry's Walk
London N1 4NJ

Amba House
Solo show, Dreamscapes is on display February 2020 with art and prints for sale.
William St


My work is available for sale - please email for direct sales or check my shop.


Please get in touch if you want something special for your room.

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